The Suitcase amp is our ultamate small studio secret weapon. It's a incredably diverse little amp, capable of cleans you would not expect from a class A amp to all the overdrive you would expect form a Vintage 47 amp.  This is a 8 watt class A all octal tube circuit.  The 8 inch Weber Vintage Series 8A125 30 watt alnico speaker pushes out lots of fat Valco tone. A super articulate speaker, and a big step up from their Signature series speaker. All suitcase amps include our Presence / Boost switch as well as a hot / cold bias switch. Swith the boost off, the bias to hot & experiance a super clean sound great for jazz players as well as lap steel or anyone looking for lots of headroom. Boost on & bias to cool for earliy breakup & that great bluesy Valco - Vintage 47 sound. Or create your own sound by totally ignoring my advice and just having fun with all it's options! 


* Low gain 6J5 cascading to a  high gain 6SQ7 preamp section, 6L6GC power tube and a 5AR4 / GZ34 rectifier to create 8 class A watts.

* Interactive volume & tone controls - Control overdrive and feedback by balancing the tone and volume controls.

* Ted Weber 8A125 Vintage Series 8" Alnico speaker. A big step up form their standard Signature series speaker. 

* Presence / Boost switch. Fattens your tone and adds big volume & drive when turned up.

* Hot / cool bias switch. Get the most headroom out of your 6L6GC.

* Age laquered tweed with hand painted pinstriping available. 

* Finger Jointed baltic birch cabinet

* Point to point hand wired curcuit.

* 21.5" wide x 10" tall x 7.5" deep weighing in at 22Lbs.


$775 plus $50 shipping to the lower 48 states, $110 shipping to Canada, $175 shipping to UK & Europe

Add $50 for aged tweed / hand pinstriped finish. 

Clean and OD Guitar sound sample

Blues Harp sound sample

US120V lower 48 states

Canada 120V

UK 240V

Europe 240V

Add aged pinstriped tweed

Add a Canvas Cover only $50.00