The VA-20 Ric

The VA-20 Ric


Our Ric style cab with a VA-20 20 watt head. A great choice for someone looking for the Vintage 47 sound and look but with lots more volume and headroom. The amp itself has the same specs as the VA-20 including the half power switch, but a slightly different tube compliment to better match the Ric sound, just more of it. 


1 - 6SQ7GT preamp tube, 1 - 6SL7 cathodyne style phase inverter, 2 - 6V6 old stock USA made tubes, and a 5U4GB rectifier. 


Ted Weber Signature ceramic speaker.


Baltic burch cabinet covered in black tolex with semi open back. 


* 15" wide x 15.5" tall x 8" deep weighing in at 28 lbs.