Vintage47amps 'Classic 47 Series'  guitar & harp amplifiers are the most accurate & period correct Valco style reproduction amplifiers being built today.  Our amps are 100% hand built following the original schematic & construction techniques. Cabinet designs are based on the classics - Valco Spectator & Comet models, The Suitcase Amp, The Bronson "Singing Electric", 1940's National, as well as 50's Valco Gretsch amp styles.


Something different for the discerning guitar and/or harp player. Dedicated to the preservation of the Valco circa 1947 octal tube tone amplifier designs, old Chicago blues and authentic mojo style!


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Hand Made In USA Vintage Harp & Guitar Amps

Our amps are completely hand made from start to finish here in our San Pedro, Los Angeles shop. Point to point hand wired, full cabinet construction using Baltic birch ply, and hand skinned using aged tweed fabric or a large assortment of tolex coverings. All of out transformers are US made for us by Heyboer, speakers by Ted Weber as well as our own 6 x 9 oval speakers. rounded out by an assortment of carbon comp resistors push back cloth wire and a capacitor selection that best captures the "mojo" of Valco amps.


Vintage 47 amps are just plain fun to play. They are probably the most touch sensitive amps you will ever play through. Even at lower volumes, just dig into your guitar or harp and listen to the amp growl back! You will be amazed what you can accomplish with just 2 knobs.


All of our amps are built to order. Our standard build time is around 2 weeks, but we'll let you know at time of order when we will be able to ship your new amp. 

DISCLAIMER: Vintage 47 Guitar Amps and is not affiliated with Valco, Supro, Thunderbolt, Absara, Oahu, Dickerson, McKinny, Bronson, National Dobro, Harmony, Richenbacker, Gretsch, Masco, Magnatone, Jensen, Tone Tubby, Eminence, Celestion, Weber, Watts, Gibson, Peavey, Marshal, Ampeg, Vox, Mesa, Two Rock, Budda, Fender Musical Instruments Corp, Princeton, Champ, Vibro-Champ, Vibrolux, Deluxe

About Vintage 47


In memory of one really great tube radio pioneer, inventor, ham radio op W6TYW and an all around nice guy, James Ralph Edwards. My Grandfather.


A little bit about myself and how I got here.


Way back in the early sixties folk music years before the Beatles hit the shores of America - we lived in a very different world, pre psychodelic, pre Vietman, before Watergate and Woodstock. Cars and gas were cheap as were most other things relative to their proportional share of our incomes.  Life was good!

So I bought a cheap acoustic guitar (Harmony) and started learning songs by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, early Dylan, Bias, and Collins, songs popular for our generation at that time. Then came my electric guitar years, assistant roady for a couple of our high school garage bands, from which a few would make the pro cut into the the big time, like Timothy Schmit (Eagles) and Ed Robels (Ambrosa).
Before long I was working for Carico's Edison Light Co, a subcontrator for Bill Graham, and doing psychodelic light shows for the SF Bay areas - Dead, Quicksilver, Big Brother, Airplane and the likes. In the fall of '67 and a quick hitch hike out to Greenwich Village, I found myself doing light shows for the Electric Circus, AKA the DOM/Bohemian (Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground). I was front row for some of the biggest selling musical names of the time.
But it was not the big hip top of the bill names that left their mark, it was all those way down on the billing opening acts that impressed me the most. Names like Lighting Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, Big Mamma Thorton, Bo Diddly, Mississippi, John Hurt, Blind Lemon and dozens of others. They had a different style and that different bluesy tone unlike all the big name bands and I got hooked!  I wanted that blues tone sound!
Now what did my Grandfather have to do with all this?
When I couldn't duplicate that bluesy tone on my Fender amp, it was my Grandpa Ralph who pointed out that the bluesy tone was created because those small cheap tube amp circuits broke up and distorted with just a small amount of drive! I started shopping my amps from junk stores from then on. He taught me to fix about anything electronic, and later I even got the ham radio license (NO6M), sort of following in his footsteps.
But the junk store amp supply was running out and old amps seem very overpriced. so I decided to start building replicas of the best small amps of the past (now called vintage). These are the amps that Leo Fender copied for his first amps from back in 1946-47, but he wanted to change the sound (which he did) and with that change we lost a bit of important music history. (Fender focused on television for ideas while those going before him looked back at radio design for their influence).
Today when I think of vintage guitar amps, I don't think of late 1950's and 60's Fenders, I think about the amplifiers of my Grandfather's generation and how they influenced Leo Fender way back in the 40's. Vintage to me is not another copy of an old Fender amp, the world has quite enough of those. Vintage to me is all the non Fender amps circa 1947.
My goal is to preserve a bit of that 40's and early 50's era blues tone look and feel, paying attention to the pre 60's non Fender vintage tube circuits and cabinet designs! To make it affordable and fun. My simple reproduction Valco amp/cab combos meet those goals!

Sincerely, David Barnes (NO6M)

About Valco

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia      (See Valco serial number sequence under Wiki article)

Valco was a prolific manufacturer of guitars, guitar amplifiers, and other musical instruments from the 1940s through 1967

In the 1940s, Valco was formed by three business partners and former owners of the National Dobro Company; Victor Smith, Al Frost, and Louis Dopyera. The company name was a combination of the three partner's first initials (V. A. L.) plus the common abbreviation for company (Co.).

Side Note; Brothers Louis, Robert and John Dopyera previously formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company in 1928. "Dobro" is both a contraction of "Dopyera brothers" and a word meaning "good" in their native Slovak language.  An early company motto was "Dobro means good in any language." (brother John invented the resonator guitar).

Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-faced resonator guitars, electric lap steel guitars, and vacuum tube amplifiers under a variety of brand names including Supro, Airline, Oahu, National, and others. They also made amplifiers under contract for several other companies such as Gretsch, Danelectro, Harmony, Bronson, Dickerson, McKinney and Kay. In the 1960s they began producing solid body electric guitars.

Valco merged with Kay Musical Instrument Company in 1967, and the merged company was out of business within a year because of financial difficulties.

Valco Serial Numbers 1940 - 1964 - Also see special note about 1965-68 prefix below

Valco serial numbers are listed here for reference. Valco made amplifiers with a small metal number plate on the back side up until 1964. Valco made guitars and/or amps for Supro, Dickerson, Bronson, McKinney, Sears Silvertone, Montgomery Wards (Airline), Gretsch, Oahu and many others using the same numbering system. Due to WWII non production years no numbers for 1943-1946. For 1951, 1958, 1962-63 overlapping prefixes ie: 1951 V prefix ending, X prefix starting. Also 1965-67 prefix was a 1, early to mid 1968 prefix had a 2. Valco stopped production in 1968.

G suffix/prefix 1940-1942


V100 V7500 1947


V7500 V15000 1949


V25000 V35000 1950


V35000 V40000 1951


X100 X7000 1951


X7000 x17000 1952


X17000 X30000 1953


x30000 X43000 1954


X43000 X57000 1955

X57000 X71000 1956


X71000 X85000 1957


X85000 X99000 1958


T5000 T25000 1959


T25000 T50000 1960


T50000 T75000 1961


T75000 T90000 1962


T90000 T99000 1963


G5000 G15000 1963


G15000 G40000 1964

At Vintage47amps The Classis Series Serial Numbers begin with VA-101 starting January 2008 (previously there were no numbers)

Warranty And Returns

Vintage 47 will warranty all of it's amps against any parts or workmanship issues for 2 years to original buyer, except for tubes. Tubes will be warranted for 6 months. Any abuse or modifications to the amp will void the warranty. Let us know right away if you are experiancing any problems and together we will decide if the best option is to send it back to us or brought to one of your local techs at Vintage 47 expense. Most amp issues are sinply a bad tube, so a tube swap may be our first line of defense before sending the amp off for repair. 


Vintage 47 amps come with a 30 day trial period. If you are not satisfied with your amp, send it back & we will refund the price of the amp to you less shipping costs. Any non standard customizations will be subject to a 25% re stocking fee. 

 'Classic V47 Series'  Hand built 'Vintage Tube Radio' Cabinet Style'  authentic wood enclosures!

ALWAYS 100% real solid wood and solid wood ply laminates never MDF chip or partical filler board!  Cabinets are grade 'A' Baltic Birch panels, solid pine bracing, Tite Bond glue, tight box joints, smooth radius corners

Look at the attention to authentic vintage detail like: leather handles, classic style grill cloth, spare fuse envelope stapled inside the cabinet, vintage rosette speaker screws, durable rubber feet for stability.  Extras include: Aged Tweed Laquer finish, hand painted pinstripes (which has become a lost art) and Vintage Style Speakers.

Note that the spare fuse envelope (including the fuse) is affixed inside the back of cabinet - a very overlooked Valco Style detail!  Reproduction cabs are always "Bench Tested Plug and Play Ready".  Every amp/cabinet combo includes a serial number registered to the new owner.  

* DISCLAIMER: Vintage 47 Guitar Amps and is not affiliated with Valco, Supro, Thunderbolt, Absara, Oahu, Dickerson, McKinny, Bronson, National Dobro, Harmony, Richenbacker, Gretsch, Masco, Magnatone, Jensen, Tone Tubby, Eminence, Celestion, Weber, Watts, Gibson, Peavey, Marshal, Ampeg, Vox, Mesa, Two Rock, Budda, Fender Musical Instruments Corp, Princeton, Champ, Vibro-Champ, Vibrolux, Deluxe, Bronco, Concert and/or any and all trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

See what some of our Vintage47 amp owners have to say about their purchase experience!


“Vintage ’47 amps, particularly the Bronson model, have been a transformative inspiration in my work as an Americana songwriter; The amp’s tones are so pure! Just on this one amp they range from that classic ‘60s California sparkle to red-dirt-clay backroads overdrive;
Amp guru, Steve Wooley precision hand-wires all vintage ‘47’s with pain-staking exactness;
These boutique amps are also incredibly affordable.
Plus? Vintage ’47 amps just look retro-regal great! They make me want to plug in, play & write!
What more could you ask for?” ~ Bill Mallonee


Received the tone transfer module this afternoon.  It's great!  I plugged it into the little trademark 30 solid state power amp and it is just so transparent, sounds like the Ric, but louder.  I do think the slave amp changes the tone a little because it has a Celestion 10/30 speaker which I think emphasizes the highs somewhat, but it is very close.  A secondary benefit to the volume boost for me is that the tech 21 has a very good spring reverb, so now I've got a little 14lb extension amp/reverb unit if I want.  The flexibility of this is incredible.  By default I don't use reverb much, but it is a nice option and does sound lovely with the tones being pumped out of the V47 Ric.


I couldn't be happier with the Ric, and now with the transfer module I've got a lightweight modular setup that can cover any gigs I would normally do, and it expands the tonal palette because I can dial in some very nuanced clean tones and still be easily loud enough to be heard.  In fact I'd be willing to bet it would be hard to tell the difference now between the tone of this amp and your V185..I can cop everything from the Charlie Christian clean Benny Goodman studio recording tone to the dirty Minton's jam sessions with the Ric.


As I'm getting old I can't handle lugging 50-60 lb amps all over anymore, so this setup is a dream come true in that regard, and with the tone the V47 gives's just fantastic.


BTW, I went to a blues jam session the other day and brought a Tele and just the V47..cranked it up and holy crap was the amp ever in its element.  Just sings.




This is the best boost pedal ive ever used. It adds gain from the amp and not just volume. Plus it allows you keep that gain and lower the volume! I had an mxr boost pedal that im now going to sell on craigslist. The mxr just added volume and whatever gain came with the volume also left if you turned it down. It was useless unless i wanted more volume. This pedal is different! Thank you! This is amazing! ​




"The amp arrived safe and sound and I love it.  It's like a wild beast".



"I'm honored! You amps just KILL man. I just used a Ric12 during an all day recording session. No other amps I've played give me such control... and by only using the guitar's tone control, volume control...and my fingers". Wig 


"WOW!!  The build quality is incredible and just begs to be admired.  The attention to detail beyond compare".

"Even the amp's cover looks cool. But it is the sound that makes this amp so fun to play.  I really don't have the words to describe how happy I am with this little gem.  I am stunned and amazed at the tonal variations I can get from just using the controls on my guitar and the single tone control on the amp.  Plugging into the MIC input opens a whole new tonal world!!  The hemp-coned speaker is killer and I can't wait to break it in.     Thank you for building me this amazing and unique amp.  I feel honored to own it and will treasure it always"
Dave F.


"I mostly play jazz, and the tone just goes on for miles. To my surprise, my guitar with Dynasonics sounds, if anything, better than my Filtertron Gretsch through this. That was a shock!"



"Its now 1:00 Am in New Orleans. Didn't eat dinner. Wife is irked. Didn't even switch guitars. Stayed with my favorite 335. It was soo good the amp is really something. It has far exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much. It really is amazing how much bottom end the thing has for such a small speaker and cab. very full and big sounding"

"I recieved the boost pedal today and just wanted to let you know I couldn't be happier. It replaced a Badcat Extreme pedal that is a great pedal but with 6 knobs that I wasn't sure what to do with and the fact it colored the sound darker even when not on. Plus I can sell it and get a little closer to one of your Amps. So I am tickled to death with your Overdrive pedal.  Thanks again".

 " I cannot express to you how happy I am with the amp that you sold me..... WOW!!! ...WHAT TONE!!!.......outstanding for that old blues thing ........ throw away the pedals.......what else is there? Great vintage looks with handmade graphics on my Oahu Chicago Triple make me the envy of all my friends who hear it. Unbelievable attention to detail for what I consider a top of the line custom boutique amp at a fantastic price..........All hand made in the U.S.A. with a true appreciation for what it truly defines as a vintage.... yet..." new" amp. The "roll your own" tube options will have to wait until I get bored, which may never happen.  The extra tubes are a great option not available with a any new amp I have seen on the market.

...........Fantastic with my Gibson ES-339... as well as my Fender Telecaster...........

Also thanks for your personal time and input on the phone.... and sharing your stories of your vintage reproduction amps used by professionals you serve in the music world. Now I just have to decide which one I want next........"

Ray R. /  New Orleans, La


"I just spent the afternoon playing one of your amps..(my friend Eric B just bought a ric black).. 4 of us....back to back with a Swart, Matchless lightning,& blackface Princeton.. playing various Fenders& Gibsons...WOW..nice work...everyone's favorite..& beautifully made..."

Sean H.


"The workmanship is excellent and the amp is stunning to look at.  Well constructed, high grade components; no skimping anywhere. Now for the tone: excellent.  The amp responds beautifully to string attack with a sweet, slightly compressed signal that records like a dream"  (Oahu Suitcase)

Joey P


"The amp arrived and is absolutely phenominal. Exactly what I was looking for.  "It" has plenty of the smokiness/wooliness/throatiness. Juke joint to jazz cage and Django to Howlin' wolf. No surprise that I like it more than single coils, given the 'vintage' of the circuit"



 "I spent a couple of days contemplating the beauty of your work.  Excellent amp!  You can't find anything that comes even close to what you do.  And it sounds great too!"

Mauro (about the Oahu Suitcase)


"The (Oahu Suitcase) is really really beautiful.  Both in looks and sound.  Your craftsmanship is flawless and very meticulous.  I am very happy with my purchse your personal and friendly touch to the buying process is outstanding in as much as you are so busy. It is very inspirational to find this level of attention today.  You must really love and be very passionate about your work.  What a blessing!!"



"WOW! What a freaky thing to take one of these out of the box NEW.  It is so cool.  I love what you are doing.  Also, it sounds so authentic. Jumping two of the inputs really steps it up a notch, too.  Running yours through an Amp Maniac sounded terrific too, more refined. Really, I just love this amp (how many times did I say that?)"



"I wasn't too sure how this amp would perform with harp.  Listening to vid's on youtube I was expecting something a little different.  But you know how that goes.  All I can say is RIDICULOUS!  This amp f'n smokes! This is by far one of the best amps I've ever had the chance to own.  The bass response is superb. Which to me is very hard to believe out of a 10". The treb is clean and not too shrill. Thanks for the amp, I couldn't be more pleased"



"I purchased a suitcase amp from Vintage 47 about 2-3 months back and I am totally impressed with the vibe from this amp.  Everyone who hears it is impressed, especially the older folks who remember when. Thanks for the amp!"



"The Vintage 47’s arrived in good order and are now in service on deck and they are fine...! Thanking you for a superb statement of the art of the amplifier. Most appreciated...!"

Billy F Gibbons


"Hey David, WOW. I gotta tell you this amp kicks ass. LOVE THIS AMP! "

Aaron "Chainsaw" Moreland  (Moreland and Arbuckle)


"Anyway the amp arrived today.  I'm impressed.  You are not misrepresenting your work when you call your  cabinets works of art.  As I unwrapped the amp I know I let out more than a couple "wows".  And, when I plugged in a lapsteel I "wowed" again.  I've always been turning treble controls down to get the tone I'm after.  I do believe the search is over.  Your amp nails that dark but articulate slide tone that to me is lap steel blues. I'm very happy"  Andy


"David, It was a sweet dream to play that amp...I've had three amps that really had great dynamics:
A blackface Princeton Reverb, Clark 5e3, and a Germino 55LV.  All thes amps really kept up with how the guitar was do yours.  It's like the phrase, "An amp should be able to sound like you're talking sweet to your girlfriend or screaming at your wife"  
Rod Gross (Director, Studio144)


"I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous customer service and incredible craftsmanship!!  The amp far exeeds my expectations for sound, build quality, design, etc...  The packing job was also first rate, (and that is rare these days).    First impressions are huge!!  You were totally right about the Bass practice amp capability.  Sounds way better than my big 15" enclosed bass combo amp.   I may be begging for a special bass amp configuration with two 10" or 12" in the near future...  Let me know if you'd consider building something like that.  In the meantime, my guitar playing will certainly improve, since I just can't put the thing down when it's plugged into your creation.  Thank you for that!"    Sasha


"Just writing you back to let you know that I still love the amps, this isnt just a honeymoon im loving my guitar experience everytime I plug into these.  Usually when i play guitar and dont really feel like it, just have nothing to do and want to do something else then watching tv (usually on sunday) I end up feeling disapointed about my playing result.  Now when I plug into the supremes it simply puts a smile on my face and have a huge load of fun and play much longer.  Still the best piece of gear I've bought to date and huge thanks again for that"   S.Gill


"Your amps are more appealing than those Victoria or Trainwreck Champs, infact they are just killer looking and deserve the attention. You do beautiful work"    Tracy


"Man my Vintage47 Oahu Suitcase amp kills the Marshall Class 5. Can't wait to hear the Triple !"   Joe G. (Chicago)

"Just heard Dustin Arbuckle playing with one of your amps. WOW! I am a harp player and was blown away by the sound"  Ron K  (Canada)


Mark R


"Hello David, Here is a link to my review:  Thanks again"   Joe - Harmony Central Review

"Been playing baby hard. Love the sound. That little amp puts out and sounds fat and bluezz just what I need . Thanks again"  Bob


"Thanks for everything, I'm a satisfied customer. It's been nice to deal with you."   Jerry

Two nice clips from Jerry Bever playin' his Vintage47 Spectator 5 watt class 'A' SE


"About the 40s Oahu 8" Tweed Style Amp Cabinet - Wow! beautiful work!"

"40s Oahu 8" Tweed Cabinet - Great cabinet well packed and fast shipping! great to deal with thanks!"

"I know both Billy Gibbons and Tracy Fesler use your amps. They are killer! Your amps better capture the Valco/Supro style than those made by Swart, and the current Zinky Supro's (and your amps are all hand wired) I sold my Swart a week after buying one of your Spectators.  Keep up the great work and thanks!"

"Hey Dave, I got my cab today and it's out-a-sight !  Not only is the design totally unique to anything else out there,but the quality is outstanding as well. With this particular motif,  the cab is both "retro"and "futuristic"; at the same time. That aint easy to do! Thanks again Dave. Respectfully," Frank


"I get lots of compliments when I'm out playing --especially with the look --it attracts ttention for sure!" Dana

Vintage47 Artist Dana Duplan and his "Cadillac Wreckers  


"About 1950/54 Supro Spectator Amp - Top Notch Seller All The Way!!!! THANKS!!!"

"About Valco Amp 40's Ostrich & Tweed English Tonemaster 12"- Exellent service thanks!"

"40s Oahu 8" Tweed Style - Everything Perfect!"

"Jensen PR Bell Covers - Very nice replica bell covers! Color and font is dead on! Highly recommended!!!!"

"Oahu Tonemaster Ostrich & Tweed 12" - I love the look of these old amps."

Thanks for everything. I know you've been busy trying to get your own stuff
going and you still continue to give great attention to my needs."

Musicals Artists who own/play Vintage47amps!


Bill Mallonee is an Americana singer/songwriter with over 80 albums across a 28-year period. Formerly of the band Vigilantes of Love, he was ranked by Paste Music Magazine at #65 in their Top 100 Songwriters' Poll; His work has been celebrated by music press here and abroad. 
"Bill Mallonee has remained fascinated with the shadowy emotional toils and struggles inherent in the American experience, compelling, insightful, he continues to probe through Americana rock and roll proving that sometimes the only story worth telling is that of the journey."  - Rolling Stone


Ry Cooder - He is famous in his own right and has also played with: The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Lowell George and many others. 


David Gray - has been touring all over the world since 1993 and prior to his breakthrough album ("White Ladder" in 1998), he was the supporting act for the likes of Kirsty MacColl, Dave Matthews Band and Radiohead.


Billy Gibbons - is an musician, actor AND car customizer but he is probably best known as the guitarist of the Texas blues-rock band ZZ Top. He was ranked 32 in Rolling Stones magazine's list of the "100 GREATEST Guitarists of ALL TIME" in 2011.


Charlie Musselwhite - is probably best known for his American electric blues harmonica playing but he is also a singer and songwriter.  Also, Musselwhite was reportedly the inspiration for Dan Aykroy's charcter in the "Blues Brothers".


Marty Balin - founder and one of the lead singers of the psychedelic rock band "Jefferson Airplane" and its spinoff "Jefferson Starship".  Did you know that he loves to paint as well?


Moreland & Arbuckle - an American blues rock band from Kansas. They met in 2001 and quickly formed an acoustic duo playing traditional and delta blues.

Lee McBee - although he is primarily a regional blues act in the Midwest, he gained national attention back in the 1980's for his work with "Mike M

"Lynch-McBee Band", as well as performing and recording with Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Rogers, Doug Sahm and Johnny Winter. 


G.E. Smith - He was the lead guitarist in the band "Hall & Oates" and the musical director of "Saturday Night Live".  He was also the lead guitarist of Bob Dylan's touring band in the late 1980's and the lead guitarist for the band "Moonalice" until 12/2009.  He is currently playing guitar on tour for "Roger Waters' The Wall Live".


John Rzeznik - is the founder, guitarist and vocalist for Goo Goo Dolls (named from an ad in a True Detective magazine).


Los Lonely Boys - known for a style of music they call "Texican Rock n' Roll", which combines elements of rock and roll, Texas blues, brown eyed soul, country and Tejano.


Springs Theatre Studios - John Zumwalt Stephan has over 30 years experience in the music industry and is a voting member of the Grammy Foundation. He works with artists ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Ray Charles.


Santa Fe Center Studios - Doug Geist is an expert when it comes to audio production! He is also the owner and principal engineer/producer at Santa Fe Center Studios, as well as the autor of an audio workbook, "Audio Graffiti".  He has been nominated seven times for a Grammy and has won one Grammy. 


Kris Berry - Caribbian born award winning European singer song writer.


Buddy Miller - in addition to forming his own band (Buddy Miller Band), he has toured as lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Shawn Colvin, Linda Ronstadt and Robert Plant. He as also appeared on several albums by Lucinda Williams.


Clay Hawkins - Guitarist and song writer with his own unique brand of acoustic rock - influenced by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Fahey, Nick Cave and even Radiohead.



Vintage47amps Facebook - moving to this page so everyone can join in!


Guitar Player Magazine  - GP2010 Winter NAMM Gear Forum Post with David Barnes on Vintage47amps.  This is an excellent Valco amplifier history in review discussion showing details of Vint47 amplifiers and the new Vint47 Alnico Speakers.

Guitar Player Magazine *****  Video on GP 2010 Winter NAMM Gear Forum post;  'David Barnes on Vintage47amps'. This is an excellent Valco amplifier history in review discussion showing details of Vint47 amplifiers and the their new Alnico speakers.


Vintage47amps on YouTube *****  See favorites links for historic library of Rare blues video clips, T'Bone Walker, Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Charlie Christian, Mamma Thorton, Hooker, King and much much more!


Vintage Schematic Archive *****  Larry has the largest vintage tube schematic website archive, years of dedication to vintage tube design preservation, and it's free to browse! (but please help him out with a Paypal donation for his web cost if you copy a schematic)  


Mr. Valco Best Vintage Supro Oahu National Dobro Repair *****  Terry Dobbs has more experience with Valco design and repair than anyone alive today. Contact Terry to make your old original Valco amp sing like new again!


Custom Vintage Amp Covers Priced Right *****  Great quality covers at fair prices! Plus you won't meet two nicer people to deal with than Glen and Cindy!


Bill Chapin Guitars "Tapped into the old stuff" *****  Beautiful hand made solid electric art that sings, check out Bill's work, Nough said!


Skip Simmons, Absolutely The Best Vintage Fender Service and Repair   *****  If you have an older vintage Fender amp in need of service, repair or refurbishing I highly recommend Skip. He is the only guy you can trust to do the job without preverting the vintage authenticity of your amp. That's why all the pro players and collectors stand by his reputation. (Skip knows Mascos also)   


Steel Guitar Forum  ****  Non-pedal and pedal steel guitarists of all skill levels share their knowledge with many other players every day. Wealth of great info!


Vintage47 Artist Dana Duplan and his "Cadillac Wreckers"  ****  We just finished recording a 6 song EP/Demo, and I used my V47 on two full cuts -- 'Letter To My Girlfriend', and 'Too Much Monday', and for the rhythm guitar part on 'I Hear Ya' Knockin'.


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