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Like the one Dustin Arbuckle uses for blues harp!

Like the Bronson "Singing Electric",  Valco made amps for The National Stringed Instrument Company (creator of the resonator guitar). It also shares the all octal tube Valco Supreme 12 watt class AB push pull ciruit with a 10 inch alnico magnet Ted Weber signature speaker. The finger jointed baltic birch cabinet is covered in 2 tone beaded tolex.

This amp has that amazingly thick & saturating Valco sound and touch sensitivity our amps are famous for. Capable of clean jazz to over the top overdrive. An incredible harp mic with great feedback control due to the interactive tone & volume controls.


Green and cream (as shown) is our stock color combination. Also available in other tolex colors for no extra charge. Please email for availability and lead times.


* 12 watt class AB push pull circuit

* Cathode biased - No biasing required!

* 5Y3 rectifier, metal cased 6SQ7 preamp, 6SL7 inverter and 2 6V6GT power tubes.

* 10 inch alnico speaker by Ted Weber with bell housing cap.

* Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.

* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.

* Point to point hand wired circuit.

* 15" tall x 15.5" wide  x 8" deep weighing in at 25 Lbs.


Price $875.00 plus $40.00 shipping to the lower 48 states, $100 to Canada, $125 to UK & Europe and $175 to Australia.

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110V version lower 48 States

110V Version Canada

240V Version UK

240V Version Europe

240V Version Australia